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Hemostasis Valves from Qosina

Qosina offers an extensive line of Hemostasis Valves. Available in a variety of styles including Y-Connector, Double Valve, and One-Handed, they are designed to minimize fluid loss and backflow. The Y connector gives the valve an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and the female luer lock equipped side port can be used to check pressure, as well as helps with irrigation, and prevents thickening of fluid. Double Valves are designed with two hemostasis ports to accommodate multiple guide wires without tangling, which allows for easier manipulation and control. One-Handed Valves have a self-closing mechanism and can automatically move from open to close. The Qosina One Handed Hemostasis Valve Y Connector, with a rotating male luer lock connection and a female luer lock side port can accept multiple guide wires and features three positions; open, semi-open, and closed. Hemostasis Valves range from fully closed to 10 FR, and have a Polycarbonate body; allowing for enhanced visualization of fluids or guide wires moving through the housing. All valves have either a male luer slip or a rotating male luer lock which allows for simple connection to a mating luer.